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Founding Partner

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Founding Partner

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“Twenty years down the line, our focus remains the same, creating brands that connect with consumers fast and tell compelling stories; brands that are effective and cut through the visual noise, because they are based on consumer insights, they are seductive and emotional. Within seconds they register and resonate with you.

Our London base is still in Covent Garden and our thirty members of staff, whether creative, strategic, or production experts are mostly long-standing and home-grown. Last year we turned over £3.2 million and enjoyed a 20% growth, expanding our international client base. Going forward, we treasure the independence that enables us to be answerable first and foremost to you, our clients.” – John Wynne

Our brand portfolio

Our brand portfolio includes Foster’s since 2005, Simple since the early 1990s, as well as Sainsbury’s since the very beginning. BrandMe also has a long legacy with a diverse range of blue chip multi-nationals, including leading brands such as Oasis, Ocean Spray, Jacob’s Twiglets, Jordans, Mornflake, Merchant Gourmet, Piat d’Or, Blossom Hill, Dr Oetker, Nikon and Onken.

  • 1993


  • 1995


  • 1999

    Ocean Spray

  • 2000

    Taste the Difference

  • 2001

    Birds Eye Walls

  • 2002

    Five Alive

  • 2004

    Riso Gallo

  • 2006


  • 2007

    Dr Oetker

  • 2008

    Blossom Hill

  • 2009


  • 2010

    Foster's Gold

  • 2011


  • 2012

    Planeta Organica

  • 2013


We have always been independent because it guarantees our absolute focus on your needs and our ultimate accountability. We guarantee the involvement in every project of not one but two principals, one to drive the quality of our creative product, one to provide strategic direction.

We promise to over service you, to offer good value and deliver brand designs that will get noticed, reach consumers’ hearts and wallets and stand the test of time. We also hope to inspire you …

The direct involvement of our two owners in the creative direction of each and every project, guarantees the quality and consistency of our creative product. From our strategic partnership with Sainsbury’s to our artisan innovations and our custody of multi-national brands, the diversity of our assignments guarantees that the work is never stale, never formulaic. Over the years, we have won as many Marketing and Design Effectiveness Awards as we have creative accolades.

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