Brand Development à la carte

We are experts at developing brands.

In 1993, we set out to develop iconic brands based on big ideas. Twenty years on, we still believe that good branding relies on ideas that are clear, bold and simple, concepts that genuinely connect with consumers, visuals that are emotive and beautifully executed. Above all, good branding relies on creating uniquely memorable and lasting brand personalities.

So, from one job to the next, what differs mostly is the nature of your requirements. Broadly speaking, these vary from brand creation and innovation to brand repositioning, updating and maintenance. We will package our expert teams and approaches accordingly.

Naturally, the extent to which a brand concept and positioning have been formulated, tested and validated, dictates whether or not we are involved in the planning process (consumer insights, naming, positioning, tone of voice) or whether we merely bring to life the visual expression of your brand (ID, packaging, communications and environment).

Graphic and 3D Brand Design & Implementation

Our creative team is made up of graphic, 3D design, artwork and production experts. Ultimately, clients come to us to create or optimise the visual expression of their brand.

Day in, day out, we design brand identities and packaging and we produce brand blueprints and guidelines to help you manage the visual expression of your brand across a range of consumer touch points (web design, communications and environments).

Our production experts have huge experience of ensuring smooth design implementation and optimising the final output often within tight technical, cost and timing constraints.

Strategic Planning

Our brands are iconic because they are based on big strategic ideas clearly executed. Today, BrandMe’s principals offer over eighty years combined experience working in branding alongside marketers of start up companies and global giants alike. Twenty years of retail experience gained with Sainsbury’s and creating the UK’s first £1 billion brand, Taste the Difference, as well as twenty-five years of observing consumer behaviour and monitoring shifting trends.

Strategy is something we engage in daily. It is integral to our design process and includes:

  • Brand positioning and innovation workshops (brand visioning).
  • Consumer trends and insight mapping.
  • Research consultancy. Whilst we do not carry out research ourselves, we play an active role in devising research methodology, questionnaires and stimulus material.

Retail & Consumer Trends

We use a bespoke insights mapping process to help define or fine-tune a brand positioning and develop innovation pipelines.

In these confused and austere times, DIY and fusion purchasing behaviours prevail, with consumers happily reconciling conflicting aspirations and purchasing behaviours. What is clear is that consumers have no time to read packaging and decrypt messages at point of sale and they reject the formulaic and the bland in favour of clear, immediate and tailored propositions.

They crave the feel-good, deftly marry the lean and the indulgent, seek reassurance from the tried and tested and escape in the new, the exotic and the extreme. Whilst health, value and convenience continue to drive consumers, the brands that express confidence and personality and come across as genuine experts continue to forge ahead.

So what matters is not that we, at BrandMe, keep abreast of consumer trends but that we are experienced in decoding brands and identifying where your brand drivers intersect the trends that will fuel your growth. We use a bespoke trends mapping process to help define or fine-tune a brand positioning and to develop innovation pipelines.

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