The Brief

Healthy kids, happy mums

Rapid growth in the premium juice segment and the premiumisation of juice drinks prompted Coca-Cola owned Capri-Sun to embark on a long term repositioning and NPD programme.

Over a five year period BrandMe were tasked to deliver a range of new products and redesigns to shift brand perceptions from artificial and unhealthy to wholesome and natural. The exercise was also to reconcile Kids’ appetite for fun with Mums’ drive for goodness.


The Solutions

A confident wholesome image

BrandMe’s first redesign of the core range focused on Capri-Sun’s key equity, the foil pouch, whilst giving it added confidence and a wholesome dimension.

The Solutions

Innovations: Reduced Sugar, Sports Caps and 100% Juice

The repositioning relied on a range of product innovations designed to address consumers’ concerns over sugar content and culminated in the launch of three ranges: No Added Sugar, Resealable Sports Cap pouches as well as 100% Juice which introduced personality and playfulness to the brand, whilst reinforcing goodness.

The Solutions

Redesigned to balance fun and freshness

Based on the success of 100% Juice, as well as research findings, BrandMe were able to once again evolve the tone of voice and graphic identity of both the core range and the sports cap range. Whilst the Capri-Sun website sported an edgy attitude, consumers aspired to a quieter communication with a mere hint of cheekiness.

Fresh fruit photography was to take centre stage in a subtly playful presentation, balancing irreverence with natural benefits.

The Solutions

Seasonal and spooky

The brand was kept fresh with a long running campaign of seasonal packs building on the natural brand values and its sense of fun.

Inspired by nature

In response to Innocent’s growing popularity, BrandMe revisited the communication of 100% Juice. The chosen solution features a crate of trapped oranges with a graphic wrap to imply genuine naturalness.

The Results

Enduring success

Altogether a long term brand development and innovation partnership, both strategic and creative that has created a successful and enduring communication which remains fresh today.

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