The Brief

Create a unique and confident umbrella image across over 100 skus

In a commoditised segment with strong private label presence, Dr. Oetker wanted to assert the brand’s unrivalled baking expertise and its broad offering. The new livery was also to convey the values and care of the master baker, offering over 100 SKUs.

The Solution

A graphic identity that sets new baking standards

BrandMe came up with a single minded visual statement that would break away from the norm and unify the range. The new blue identity conveys the brand’s confidence, stepping outside of traditional baking visuals and colour palettes and proudly displaying the finished result in an intimate tea party setting.

The cakes clearly pop out of the blue to inspire users; they are the undisputed heroes and make the range easy to navigate.

The identity is as bold and inspiring as it has been enduring.

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