The Brief

Premiumise this classic mainstream lager

Strengthen the brand positioning and modernise the image and offering of this Australian icon.

Premiumise the brand by creating a bottled proposition to combat the rise of Beck’s Vier and Stella 4%, whilst broadening Foster’s reach outside its mainstream can offering.

Also, reflect Heineken’s Global drive for healthier products by introducing a 2% flavoured beer under the Foster’s Radler label.

The Solutions

Capture the spirit of modern Australia

Our strategic review of the brand’s communication touch points, visual equities and consumer insights served to redefine the brand positioning and capture the expansive, optimistic, light hearted ‘sun on your back’ spirit of the Australian people.

We used this positioning as the platform from which to redesign Foster’s core cans and multipacks, stripping the brand from any dated and unessential visuals and focusing consumers firmly back on the sunny Foster’s roundel identity and its expansive personality.

The new design achieves instant brand recognition at point of sale and unifies the brand across all consumer touch points, serving as a visual platform to stretch Foster’s into more premium and specialist products.

Launch Foster’s Gold into the premium bottled segment

We created Foster’s Gold, a 4.8% premium bottled line extension to broaden the appeal of the brand and capture the more aspirational and sociable side of Foster’s and the ‘party occasion’.

Our naming, copywriting, graphic, 3D design and engineering skills came together to build new motivating equities into Foster’s. The new proposition draws new users to the brand and encourages trading up, whilst minimalising cannibalisation of Foster’s core sales.

Create Foster’s Radler, a healthier Foster’s alternative

Driven by Heineken’s global ambition to offer healthier, lower a.b.v. options, we launched Foster’s Radler, a cloudy lemonade flavoured beer that builds on the success of the Gold bottle, its detailing and visual equities, whilst retaining the brand’s iconic identity, making it unmistakably Foster’s.

The Results

‘Good Call’: visibility, appeal and growing sales

A brand that is going from strength to strength, now Heineken’s number 1 brand in the UK.

A raft of awards for commercial and marketing effectiveness: a Silver and an overall ‘Food & Drinks category’ Grand Prix Design Effectiveness Award, as well as the 2013 Marketing Society ‘Marketing Excellence’ Gold Award for Brand Rejuvenation.

The redesign of Foster’s resulted in brand recognition being achieved 37% faster than standard lager competition (Packmaster Research 2010).

The launch of Gold grew Foster’s sales by 17% in year 1, whilst confounding fears of cannibalisation.

Radler sales breached £5 million in the first 5 months.

Key Facts

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