The Brief

Launch of new brand

Potato growers ‘Greenvale’ wanted to launch their own brand of potatoes into this commodity segment, dominated by private labels.

The Solution

Disrupt a commodity segment by introducing personality and stand-out

The exercise started with a category immersion to identify consumer’s expectations and their own perceptions of growing and harvesting potatoes.

Following a positioning workshop, we combined the visual imagery of the two preferred territories ‘Fresh from Mother Earth’ and ‘Straight from the farm shop’ to launch Greenvale ‘Farm Fresh’. The execution packs freshness, conviviality and expertise into a great brand personality designed to stand out from the crowd and command a premium.

The Results

1 million bags sold nationwide in only two seasons

Distributed nationwide through Tesco, the brand sold over 1 million bags in 2 seasons, without any advertising support.

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