The Brief

Unify the range and conjure up passion for quality ingredients

Started by Mark Leatham in 1985, Merchant Gourmet was inspired by his passion for good food and his quest for authentic fine ingredients. The brand grew into a fragmented range of ingredients in a livery that failed to command a price premium and portray a cohesive proposition.

We were tasked with bringing together all products under a credible identity, encapsulating the spirit of the brand and its creator; a sense of passion, quality, discovery and flair for all budding chefs amongst us.


The Solution

A bold, evocative and synergetic identity to generate presence and awareness

We investigated consumers’ perceptions and sought inspiration from a review of food trends to create an iconic livery, combining ownership of a distinctive colour to achieve strong brand blocking and beautifully staged close-up photography.

We moved away from product centric packaging, which made it difficult for consumers to link the products to the brand. Instead, the new design unifies all products under a flexible premium identity.

The Results

The timeless identity behind the enduring success of this 40 strong range distributed through all major UK multiples.

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