The Brief

Make a brand out of me

Sienna X offers a line of self tanning products to beauty therapists. The range needed to create a branding and communication platform to move away from a product proposition to unearth and convey its essence and values.


The Solution

Make the most of me

We worked closely with brand owner and entrepreneur, Nicky Matthews, whose down to earth, expert and service driven approach was the inspiration for the visual positioning of this professional self tanning line.

‘Making the most of me’ became the positioning territory at the heart of a visual exploration exercise, which culminated in the launch of the current look, combining confidence, expertise and glamour into a designer look.

The Results

The market leader of professional sunless tanning in the UK

”The current incarnation of Sienna X has firmly cemented its place as the market leader of professional tanning in the UK” (Sienna X - June 2013)

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