The Brief

Create Sainsbury’s first premium
sub-brand offering everyday treats,
not just for special occasions

It takes extra time, care and attention to bring out food’s full natural favours and deliver the highest quality standards. Sainsbury’s needed an agency to translate their vision for a range of everyday treats into their first ever premium sub-brand.

Having worked with Sainsbury’s since the early 1990s, BrandMe were best placed to engineer and deliver the vision for this range, which originally
counted 350 products.

The Solution

Taste the Difference, tested and approved by consumers

Back in 2000 BrandMe created the name ‘Taste the Difference’ and the packaging concept, where the product story provided both inspiration for the range and evidence of the unique product quality.
A concept that inspired a whole new generation of branded
artisan propositions.

Ten years later, then the fastest growing UK grocery brand worth £840 million, Taste the Difference wished to refresh its livery. Once again we evolved the proposition to reflect the brand’s customer centric approach and its promise that every product has been tested by consumers and stamped with their seal of approval.

The key to its success is a quality seal that is delivered consistently, as well as packs that are category appropriate and believable across a wide range of segments, from fine champagnes to pork sausages.

The Results

A £1 billion pound brand, two more Design Effectiveness Awards.

Having topped sales of £5 million in the first week the brand has gone from strength to strength. Long the fastest growing grocery brand in the UK, it now counts over 1500 lines, worth in excess of £1 billion.

As for us, our part in the planning, naming, concept design and implementation of Taste the Difference has earned us two additional Design Effectiveness Awards and a pivotal role in Sainsbury’s strategic design management.

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