The Brief

Re-establish Twiglets as a much loved icon

Twiglets' previous redesign marked a major departure from the brand’s iconic original pack. As polarising as the flavour, the black pack had become synonymous with the brand’s inimitable taste. In a bid to evolve the brand into a mainstream snack, the previous agency had ditched Twiglets’ most recognisable equity.

Losing the black livery triggered a swift drop in sales and BrandMe were called to re-establish recognition of this much loved icon.


The Solution

Bring back the party animal!

BrandMe went back to basics and the core brand truths, its unique flavour combined with its distinctive and lively personality. Whether you love it or hate it, Twiglets is a bit of a party animal; it does not do bland or mainstream.

BrandMe gave Twiglets back its proud heritage, with pack graphics and new formats (large tubs), that restored its raison d’etre as the snack to liven up the party! We also created a dynamic logo device that is approachable, stands out and easily adapts to other touch points.

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